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Our Approach

Kensington is proud of its many milestones.


Across the US

We are uniquely set-up to provide development expertise for our retailers, municipalities, and joint venture partners in the majority of the markets across the United States. Visit our portfolio page for a list of current and past projects.


Midwest Office

Oakbrook, IL

Mountain West Office

Denver, CO

Active Kensington Markets
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Kensington’s Approach

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Kensington excels at managing the development process. Each project is thoroughly planned and communicated from inception through completion through a thoughtful streamlined process with experienced team members. Kensington integrates the entire process including site selection and conceptualization, site planning, entitlements, contract and lease negotiations, easement and operating agreements, financial gap analysis and economic incentive packages, and managing and value engineering the construction process. 

A principal at Kensington plays an active role in every step of the complex development process. Kensington takes pride in managing the development planning in-house, always keeping a pulse on each project and adjusting to industry and development challenges.

Most of all; we want relationships with people that will last. Whether it is relationships with retailers, partners, lenders, consultants or municipalities, Kensington prides themselves on repeat business with all professional alliances. We bring financial strength, pragmatism and experience which add deliverability to the development process.

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